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Tactical Hand-Held Metal Detector

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Accurate detection of all ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel weapons, contraband and other metallic objects. Bright LED flashlight for low light and night operations. Useful for scanning IDs and for searching pockets, handbags. Silent vibrating with Red LED alarm indicator. Sealed water-resistant construction. Easy ON/OFF battery cover. 9 volt battery (included), ballistic weave holster (included): mounts easily on belt or in car. Optional rechargeable battery kit.

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The Garrett Tactical Hand-Held Metal Detector (THD) is the most rugged, compact metal detector on the market. Has a silent vibrating alarm indicator. Ultra sensitive response to metal objects. Works well for all law enforcement operations, but it is also particularly effective for use in schools, bars, clubs, and for corporate security. Built-in flashlight is ideal for law enforcement and night operations. Highly-sensitive – Powerful 4” length, 360° detection area.

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